NELDS - Daycare Program
1 - 9months
Our fun learning curiculum is for babies and will provide the babies in our care with a fun “infant based daily program”.

Weekly Lessons consist of:

-     Black & White pictures (1-4months)
      Colourful pictures (4-9months)

-     Songs & Rhymes

-     Simple Exercises for infant stimulation

-     Masage (Helps to comfort baby)

-     Fun Daily Activities - Plus

  NELDS - Daycare Program
12 - 18months
Our fun learning program is for toddlers ages 12 -18 months. Our program will provide the toddlers in our care with fun “hands on learning program”. Our program provides heuristic play materials, a touch of Montesori along with preschool themes (made for toddlers).

Weekly Lessons consist of:

-     Group Time Activities

-     Daily Art/Sensory Projects

-     Hands on Activities

-     Fun Learning Activities

-     Songs & Rhymes

Our program has group time, art/sensory time, play time, learning time along with some cute songs and rhymes to capture the toddlers atention plus help them learn.

Young Toddler Curriculum

Heuristic Play

Offers todlers diferent types of textures and items to explore and to help them develop their sences; touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. Some items include plastic jars, wooden spoons, egg cartons and many other items.


Toddlers don’t always like to share and the types of items we try to use in our curriculum are mostly items that are easy to provide a lot of them so there is plenty of items to go around and less stress to the toddlers “feeling they need to share”.

Sensory Activities

We have tried to provide a lot of sensory activities which include touching different textures such as fake fur, corduroy, felt and other types of textures along with handling different types of items such as metal cans (no sharp edges) jar covers, and many other items along with some water play, plus glue and paint activities.

Learning through Play

Some of the learning activities can’t be mastered by all the toddlers, don’t worry toddlers can actually learn a lot from playing, through play they learn a lot of new skils that they will use now and in the future.

Hands on Learning

Where the young toddlers will learn by using their five sences by seeing pictures, by handling the learning materials and will actually start learning a few basic shapes and colours as well as hands on learning activities that also include simple crafts such as colouring with chunky crayons, painting and using glue.

  NELDS - Daycare Program
2.5 - 5 years
We offer a program for both todlers and prescholers. Each day we offer the children circle time, art projects, songs and stories, learning games and many other fun daily activities. Our program includes a fun monthly curriculum which focuses on the children having fun while learning. Our monthly themes are broken down into weekly themes, such as frog week, butterfly week or alphabet week, plus many other weekly themes.

Our weekly themes have activities, songs and games to help the children learn in a fun and positive way. Our curriculum is designed to Promote school readiness skills; to develop good manners, strength of character and social skills; and to foster creative play.

Our program will also teach the children to identify and comprehend numbers 1 through 20 and the alphabet. They will learn pre-maths skills including recognizing basic shapes, counting, sorting, sequencing, and more by using our child centered preschool program.

Through circle time, music, stories, games and daily activities children will build language skills that wil help them when they begin reading.

CAPS Curriculum - WCED

Grade R

It is geared towards children 6 - 7 years old. Our curiculum is aimed at teaching the children their shapes, colours, upper and lower case alphabet and numbers, learning to tell time, learning a few beginning sounds, simple science activities and much more. Children will be using glue, paint and working on learning how to cut, trace plus work on pre math, pre reading and science. Some of the simple science projects like sorting fruit from vegetables etc. plus so many other exciting activities that cover Math, Literacy & Life Skills.

Getting Ready for School

We have found that when children are having fun and enjoy what they are doing, they learn quickly, which is what our program is all about, teaching the children through fun activities.